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Tropical Storm Fay weakens as it makes it northward trek

Tropical Storm Fay formed off the coast of North Carolina Thursday afternoon

  First Alert: Watching a tropical system Thursday

How to see Comet Neowise

First Alert: Watching potential for tropical development Thursday near southeast coast of U.S.

  Fourth of July forecast: Hot, isolated storm chances

A look back: Devastating derecho struck Virginia eight years ago

Update: What we know about the Saharan Dust headed to Virginia

  First Alert Weather Day: Low risk for a few strong storms Thursday

Continued Coverage

Lightning safety awareness week: how to stay safe in a thunderstorm

More strong storms possible Tuesday

Storms cause damage to 7-Eleven canopy over gas pumps

Summer will arrive one day earlier this year!

  National Weather Service seeks opinions on potential elimination of the term ‘advisory'

  Periodic rain likely through Thursday, flood risk low

Saharan dust expected to limit tropical development for next few weeks

Tropical development is not likely over the next couple of weeks as Saharan dust spreads across the Atlantic.

Cloudy, cool, and wet pattern moving into this week

Cooler weather returns for mid-month

  First Alert Weather Day: Heavy rain, gusty winds possible Thursday afternoon & evening

Thursday, June 11 First Alert Weather Day. Heavy rain and gusty winds are possible in Richmond, va

  Tropical Storm Cristobal makes landfall near New Orleans

Tropical Storm Cristobal has made landfall near New Orleans Sunday evening.

  Flooding is one of the biggest threats from tropical systems in Central Virginia

  Top 5 worst hurricanes to impact Central Virginia

After a refreshing few days, it gets hot by mid-week

  First Alert Weather Day: Isolated strong storm possible Friday afternoon/evening

  Tropical Depression Bertha brings downpours in the Carolinas, parts of Virginia

Heavy rains create hazards along Blue Ridge Parkway

The stubborn weather pattern that just won’t quit

Explaining the 'cut-off upper low that’s bringing a week of clouds and rain

  Tidal flooding coast, flash flooding western VA, plus river flooding this week

The First Alert Weather Team is tracking the potential for heavy rain in the middle of this week.

Tropical Storm Arthur moves away from the coast

Watching possible subtropical system that could develop late in the weekend near the Bahamas

  Summer-like warmth arrives in Central Virginia late this week

Cool air will retreat northward into Canada as hotter temperatures surge north thanks to a ridge developing in the jet stream.

First Alert Weather Day: Freeze Warnings expanded to include all of metro Richmond

In particular, we are watching Saturday and Sunday morning, when the lows could dip into the 30s. With backyard gardens in full swing, the First Alert Weather Team will be watching closely.

How to protect your plants from a freeze

How to protect your garden from a freeze

Prepare now for potentially active hurricane season

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and their remnants can impact Virginia with high winds, heavy rain, coastal flooding, and even tornadoes.

  First Alert Weather Day Sunday for a strong storm potential

A cold front approaching the area on Sunday afternoon and evening will have the potential to bring some strong or isolated severe storms to parts of our region.

  First Alert Weather Day for soaking rain Thursday

Heavy Rain Thursday

Photobombing Space X Satellites put on a show

the sudden intrusion of 40,000 new photobombing satellites threatens to seriously comprise several major astronomical research programs and the enjoyment of the night sky by thousands of amateur astronomers

  Dozens of homes, property damaged in late afternoon storms Friday

Several homes sustained damaged after a hail storm late afternoon in Chesterfield County. The damage was widespread across the county trees were snapped across roadways with many splitting homes.

  First Alert: A few strong to severe storms possible Friday afternoon

A few strong storms are possible Friday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. across Central Virginia.

Lyrid Meteor Shower: A free show in the skies while stuck at home

If you are looking for a free astronomy lesson for kids of all ages, The Lyrid meteor shower just might provide a show.

First Alert Weather Day Tuesday; marginal severe risk eastern Virginia

Marginal severe risk Tuesday for isolated storms eastern VA

  First Alert: Frost and freeze expected Thursday night

Protect your plants tonight with temperatures expected to drop as low as the low 30s and upper 20s in spots.

Snow still possible late Tuesday night west of RVA

Checking out a small snow chance of Wednesday morning.

  First Alert Weather Day: A second round of storms possible into the afternoon

Monday morning is the time to watch for potential severe storms in Central Virginia

  First Alert Weather Day: Rain likely, SEVERE THREAT DROPPING.

A few strong storms will be possible early Thursday morning.

Why are you safe from lightning in a car?

Hint: It's not the rubber tires

La Niña may develop by fall, could mean active and intense hurricane season ahead

The start of hurricane season is two months away, and it could be an active season in 2020.

There is no such thing as heat lightning

Here's what you are actually seeing...

  First Alert Weather Day for an isolated strong storm potential Sunday

Sunday is a First Alert Weather Day for a low end threat of strong to severe storms.

NBC12, National Weather Service offer weather lessons to keep kids educated, entertained at home

NBC12 will do a Facebook Live weather lesson every weekday at 1p.m. for the foreseeable future.

  Spring officially begins Thursday evening!

Spring officially arrives Thursday evening

Winter whimpers to a close, spring to bring warmer than average temperatures

Winter was a dud in Central Virginia this year, and spring will likely bring more active weather.

Pollen levels already medium to high in Central Virginia

Warm temperatures in recent days have undoubtedly contributed to high pollen levels early in March.

Why the Nashville tornado was so dangerous, and how to prepare for unexpected severe weather

The tornado that struck Nashville was more dangerous because it struck at night when people may have been asleep.

  American Red Cross Virginia chapter ready to aid in tornado recovery

The organization is prepared to deploy volunteers who deal with setting up shelters, administering first aid, and even providing mental health care.

  First Alert Weather Day: Low-end threat for strong wind gusts Wednesday evening; Dense morning fog

There is a very low chance for strong wind gusts with showers Wednesday evening.

School Delays for Feb. 26

A few schools will be on a two-hour delay for Wednesday, Feb. 26 due to foggy conditions.

  'I love it’: Snow creates winter wonderland in Sussex County

People who live south of Richmond saw the most snow Thursday.

Blanket of snow covers areas south of Richmond

Snow fell across the southern and southeastern parts of Virginia on Thursday, covering portions of the region with a blanket of snow.

  First Alert: Snow Targets Southern Virginia with significant amounts Thursday night

We're watching potential for snow Thursday evening into Thursday night.

Henrico storm spotter compares weather this February to prior years - the difference is stunning

Temperatures in Central Virginia have been much warmer than average so far this winter.

  Staying safe while cleaning up storm debris from your home

As a result of recent weather, many will be spending the weekend cleaning up.

NWS confirms tornado in Northern Virginia

The National Weather Service says it’s investigating the possibility that tornadoes touched down in areas of Virginia and Maryland outside of the nation’s capital.

Tree down over Powhite Parkway causes backups

There are no injuries and no cars were struck.

First Alert Weather Day Friday: Wind Advisory

First Alert; Wind Advisory Friday

  First Alert Weather Day: Flooding likely Thursday into Friday

Heavy rain is expected on Thursday with a low chance for storms too.

Earthquake registered in Louisa County, miles from record 2011 earthquake

A 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck Virginia early Monday morning.

  First Alert: Much colder weather a sure thing, Chilly rain on Saturday

Much colder temperatures are expected late this week, and that could set the stage for a little snow.

  First Alert Weather Day: Severe storm threat for Saturday night upgraded

A few strong storms could move in late Saturday night and early Sunday morning across Central Virginia.

  First Alert Weather Day: A little snow Tuesday, especially northwest of Richmond

There is potential for a little snow on Tuesday, primarily to the north and west of Richmond.

  No White Christmas in Virginia this year, but great travel weather is expected

If you're dreaming of a White Christmas this year in Virginia, you'll need to keep dreaming.

VDOT prepared for any potential snowfall

With the chance for some snow on Wednesday, the Virginia Department of Transportation said it is prepared for any accumulation.

  First Alert Weather Day: Snow likely Wednesday morning

Rain may change to a period of snow Wednesday morning, especially north and west of Richmond.

Last full moon of the decade to peak at 12:12 on 12/12

The 2010s are going out in style; cosmic style.

  Virginia’s winter outlook for 2019-2020 expected to be relatively mild

Winter Outlook

  Traveling for Thanksgiving? Here’s what to expect weather-wise

A look at how rain/snow could impact Thanksgiving Holiday travel

  Traveling for Thanksgiving? Get a personalized forecast

If you’re traveling this Thanksgiving, we’re on your side to help you plan.

  Meteor shower outburst possible Thursday evening

If the outburst happens as predicted, it would produce meteor rates of up to 400 meteors per hour

  Closings and Delays for Wednesday, Nov. 13

Closings and Delays across Central Virginia

  VDOT monitoring weather conditions, warns of refreezing

Crews will remain on standby into evening.

  First Alert Weather Days: Rain to snow Tuesday, potential record cold Wednesday

Wintry weather with even a potential rain/snow mix is in the forecast for Central Virginia late this week into next week.

VDOT is ready for winter weather

VDOT says staffing, equipment and materials are ready to go.

Forestry department: ‘Peak week’ for leaves along parkway

According to this week's foliage report , the highest mountain areas have lost many leaves, but areas below 3,000 feet are "stunning."

NWS confirms EF-1 tornado touched down in Mecklenburg Co. on Halloween

The National Weather Service confirmed a EF-1 tornado touched down Thursday evening on Halloween as storms moved across the region.

  Halloween Tornado Watch: First Alert Weather Day this evening

It will be a warm and potentially wet Halloween this year in Virginia.