Trump announces $16 billion in aid to farmers

Trump says, "We will ensure our farmers get the relief they need and very, very quickly."

  RAW: Fredericksburg gun store burglarized

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  Presidential candidate Julian Castro says McDonald's should pay a wage workers can live on

Nearly all the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have expressed support for the idea that the federal minimum wage should be more than doubled to $15 an h

  Richmond Raceway to be bought by NASCAR

  Racist photo investigation "inconclusive"

  Report: Blackface photo "inconclusive"

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  Bank robber face plants during escape

  RPS graduation rate controversy

  Postal service damages couple's yard

  Teaching taekwondo to kids with disabilities

  Midland County Sheriff's Office train crash

Video shows a Midland County Sheriff's Office vehicle being hit by a train.

  Family questions hospital, police in fetal abduction case

Cook County Sheriff to investigate hospital where Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's baby was brought; family demands answers about the hospital's actions.

  100 homes, 100 vets

  Wake-up roundup for May 21, 2019

  Work set to begin at historic Westhampton School site

  Man charged in death of beloved dog Tommie

  Report: Nearly 800 seniors may not graduate

  VUU Awarding scholarships to RPS students

  Man charged in death of beloved dog Tommie