New theater hopes to revitalize Boulevard

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - It is a big night on the Boulevard, as a brand new movie theater opens its doors for the first time.

You don't even have get out of the parking lot here to see how developers are hoping that the opening of these doors leads to better economic times on the Boulevard.

This building is promising a prime restaurant location to the business owner willing to lease.

And people already working on the Boulevard believe that even in this uncertain economy, this theatre should thrive.

For Buzz Grossberg, Friday nights on the Boulevard should always be like this.

"Bring it to the level that it should be, since it's kind of the entrance way tot he city," he said.

The opening of the new Movieland Theatre brought out big crowds to the Richmond strip.

Crowds that have been few and far between, since the city's baseball team left town.

But Buzz believes things are getting better.

"We will see a loss from the Braves, but it can be more than made up by what happens on the Boulevard in the next year," he said.

But while the loss of the Braves is one thing, the Boulevard is also facing the national economy which is the worst its been decades.

Moviegoers, seemed unfazed by that reality.

"I think it is a good location, I mean there is a lot of places you can eat around here its close," said visitor Dennis Walker.

The exact type of thinking a restaurant owner like Buzz is hoping for.

An entertainment destination opening a few doors down that has the potential to defy the odds.

"I get the feeling that the movie business is experiencing a surge right now, maybe its an escapism, but whatever it is, I think they are going to do well," he said.

A gamble worth taking, and the beginning of what Buzz hope's is the start of a new Friday night tradition.

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