Spider fans watch team win national title game

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND,VA (NBC12) - For University of Richmond fans, Friday night was a night decades in the making.

"It's a one of a kind opportunity to see us there," says Dennis Malkov, a Richmond Graduate

Fans started early. Molly Golman hit the campus book store to get brand new gear to be prepared for the game. She had a busy night ahead of her.

"The boys are ball boys for the basketball game and so we are doing that and then my parents are at the football game with my sister and they are alumni so we will go to the basketball look for them on tv and watch the spiders," she says.

Molly was like many Spider fans finding a way to balance the big national championship with Friday night's important basketball game. As her sons did their job at the Robins Center, Wilton Ford and his wife Christy were hoping for big things.

"Two wins tonight, two wins tonight," says Wilton Ford.

Spider die-hards like the Fords were at the basketball game against Wake Forest and were taping the football game at home. They are hoping a victory in front of a national audience does more than just bring fans into the fold.

"The University of Richmond has a better reputation outside of Richmond, than it does inside of Richmond and it is a wonderful school," says Christy Ford.

But for fans already on the Spider's side, it was a chance to connect with friends and root for the home team.

Dennis Malkov says, "It's the great thing about living in Richmond after you graduate. You still got all your buddies here and you come to a bar, watch the game and have a few beers it's a great time."

And to add a win in the biggest game in school history wasn't a bad thing either.

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