November 27: Restaurant Report

Richmond, VA (NBC 12) - Topping tonight's critical list, Chanello's Pizza in Richmond (2803 West Broad Street) with 5 critical violations.  An inpector found food containers, pans and serving utensils soiled to sight and touch.

Also in the city, Freckles Restaurant (5724 Patterson Avenue) with 4 critical.  An employee was observed handling raw sausage, then ready-to-eat toast without changing gloves.

Moving on to Chesterfield, Cracker Barrel (12401 Redwater Creek Road) with 4 critical violations, including mold build up on drink station ice bins.

T B.B.Q. Vietnamese Cuisine (4412 W. Hundred Road) also makes the list with 4 critical.  Among them, raw shrimp stored above vegetables and cooked noodles.
In Mechanicsville, Mrs. Wong Super Buffet (7330 Bell Creek Road) with 5 critical violations.  An inspector observed roaches in the facility.

And finally, in Petersburg, Mac's Grill (1608 E. Washington Street) with 5 critical, including a pan of molded food in a refrigerator.

Now for the good news, tonight's Hall of Fame Award goes to Little Pig Barbeque (3329 W. Washington Street) in Petersburg for a perfect inspection October 17th!