Chesterfield BB&T bank robbed, suspect sought

Chesterfield Police are looking for the man who held up a bank in broad daylight.

It happened at the BB&T branch on Hopkins Road, in Meadowbrook Plaza.

Police are looking for the guy who not only was caught on tape but he didn't even get away with the cash.

The bank rigged it with something you'd never want to explode inside your car.

No one paid much attention to the red spot left on the asphalt.

It was a bag that was once on top of it that caused some real commotion.

"Saw that it was money because it was blowing out the back because it melted open," said an anonymous ABC employee.

Being a state worker, the employee thought it was her duty to call authorities.

But it turns out they were already there.

The bag, of course, came from the BB&T bank which had just been robbed.

Surveillance photos show, the robber going behind the counter and helping himself to whatever he can get.

He left, after apparently stuffing the cash down his pants.

What he certainly didn't expect was the exploding dye pack that he took to the getaway car.

"I think the reason why they threw it out of the car was it was choking him to death because it had pepper in it," the employee said. "it's pretty strong stuff."

What makes this crime all the more brazen is that the robber picked a bank that is just steps away from a satellite office of the Chesterfield Police.

"People are getting braver," said shopper Ronnie Harvey. "They're getting bolder."

Shoppers say, for an area that's seen robberies before, that's not surprising.

"People are just taking chances you know for a little bit of anything," said shopper Stuart Jones. "It's just rough anywhere."

"Some don't wanna really work, and they think they can get by with robbing," said shopper Rosetta Doustou. "But my momma used to say there's a seeing eye watching you."

The money that was thrown onto the pavement was confiscated by the state which does not comment on how much money was there.

If you recognize the suspect, call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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