Shooting at Chesterfield Party

A party turns violent in Chesterfield, but police say they are still trying to find answers.  Gunshots rang out around 2:30 Sunday morning during a party in the 7900 block of Clovertree Court, just off Providence Road.

"About 5 gunshots woke me out of my sleep," says a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity.  She was one of several people who called 911 after hearing the shots.

When police arrived, they found the party.  They also discovered blood and shattered glass in the road, and at least two bullet holes in a townhouse across the street.  They were unable to find a victim -- or anyone else with injuries -- in the area.

The victim turned up a while later at the Uppy's gas station at the intersection of Route 60 and Huguenot Road.  He asked employees there to call police.  That man told investigators he had been on Clovertree Court, which is  just a few miles away.  Police say bullets had pierced the man's vehicle.  He had been shot in the leg and was taken to Chippenham Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Back on Clovertree Court, residents say they were surprised by the violence that occurred here.  They tell NBC12 it's a pretty quiet neighborhood.

"Nowhere is crime free, but since I've been living here for the past few years, I haven't seen or heard anything negative."

No one we spoke with was happy to hear - or hear about - a shooting so close to home

"What can you do?  You know, you try to live your life each day and just work and go home and you don't expect things like this to happen, but sometimes unfortunately, it does."

The investigation into this shooting is ongoing.  If you have any information, call Chesterfield Police.