Mechanicsville family gets $3K in donated fence repair

Mechanicsville family's fence is wobbly no more
Updated: Sep. 6, 2018 at 11:53 PM EDT
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MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - A Mechanicsville family finally has the privacy fence and gates they wanted, and they are built the right way.

It's all due to the generosity of a contractor who stepped up to fix the wobbly fence another contractor left behind. The new work on this fence is beautiful, sturdy and at the right time. Thanks to Mike Monahan, owner of Old Dominion Deck and Fence Company, the family's pets cannot wiggle their way under the fence anymore, and the work is safe.

Old Dominion Deck and Fencing company showed up to the Mechanicsville home with a plan in hand.

"You're going to see properly operating gates for one," Monahan said. "You'll also be able to see the dogs not able to get out."

The couple paid $5,500 for a privacy fence that was soon falling down. Monahan knew he was getting into correcting someone else's work to eliminate a wobbling fence and make it sturdy and safe.

The images of the fence now compared to before are astonishing.

Monahan said the original contractor's bid was much lower than what the job actually required and he started to lose money.

"That's where he took short cuts and not putting concrete around the post and saving money," Monaham said.

The repair was worth about $3,000.

"Re-dig it. Put concrete around it and dry pack it. I see stuff like this all the time," Monahan said. "Contractors have a tough time now anyway. There's a lot of distrust I would guess. So, It's a good thing. It helps them out and I don't mind."

Tammy Plumb says she learned a hard lesson to do your research on the company first and not just go with a low bid found on Facebook.

"He didn't have to do all this. He's not asking a penny from us," Plumb said. "So, now nobody can say nothing to me about me and my doggies. So leave me and my doggies alone."

The original contractor, Wayne Doggitt of A.E.I. Installations, said he gave them a break on the price.

Doggitt also said he has apologized several times, did everything the homeowner asked him to do and eventually the family told him not to come back.

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