‘Summer mode’: No relief from the heat as school, fall sports resume

‘Summer mode’: No relief from the heat as school, fall sports resume

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You don't need us to tell you that it's been a hotter-than-usual September. And as the kids head back to school and start fall sports, we're on your side with some tips to stay safe in the heat.

Whatever has your kids playing outside - soccer, football, cross country - probably has them hot and sweaty too.

"It doesn't feel like autumn and it won't anytime soon," said NBC12 meteorologist Andrew Freiden, who believes we could see several more 90-degree days this month.

"We have to kind of stay in summer mode. We're back at school, the calendar is changed but the weather hasn't really changed yet and I don't think it will until the middle of September."

Freiden says coaches and parents should be sure to watch athletes and make sure they're getting enough water, rest and shade when warranted. Adults should also encourage them to wear light, cool clothing.

"They're kids!" said Freiden. "You know, they're tough. They can handle this stuff. So you make sure they've got water. You tell them, if they don't feel good, to tell your coach you don't feel well. And take a break. Don't just sort of keep it inside because you think you're tough."

Be sure to check out this graphic from the National Weather Service that has lots of great tips for recognizing problems like heat stroke or heat exhaustion:

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