Mom says stolen car returned after dad allegedly abuses baby

Updated: Sep. 8, 2018 at 2:02 PM EDT
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CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - It's been just three weeks since police say a Chester mother discovered her child's father tried to suffocate their 4-month-old baby girl.

The child is OK but the mother, who goes by T, says 25-year-old Carlus Tucker not only tried to hurt their child but stole her car.

"My car has yet to be found and I'm in a hardship," she said earlier this week. "This is a man I was with, the father of my child, a man that I loved, I trusted. I still don't have answers."

On Saturday morning, she said that the stolen car had been found.

The entire situation has left her stressed and struggling to move forward.

"I need some help. If this vehicle is not found I need transportation. I'm a single mother trying to raise my girls the best I can," T said prior to her vehicle being found. "My girls they need me, I prayed, that's all I'm doing is constantly praying - for the Lord to give me strength through all of this."

T has a 6-year-old and her now 5-month-old baby to look after, as she deals with the aftermath of the situation with Tucker.

"It hurts, no one knows what I'm feeling," she said. "So many days I cried, nights I cried at the end of the day - my girls need me, no need to go into shut down mode."

With so many unanswered questions, T is still asking where things went wrong, and why the father's child tried to hurt their baby.

T says Tucker was watching their daughter while she worked an overnight shift. It wasn't until almost a day later that a concerned family member sent her a photo, worried that it might be her child.

"I don't even want to go into details of what was there, but I knew that was my baby," she said.

Police say the incident happened on Aug. 14, and T says family members eventually confronted Tucker and called the police, but before officers arrived, he took off in the Infiniti sedan she bought last year. He was on the run for nearly three days.

"Why didn't you come forward when it happened instead of waiting? This is a baby, innocent," she said.

The baby was taken to the hospital, where doctors determined she was thankfully unharmed. Tucker was arrested and charged with attempted murder, malicious wounding, felony child neglect, felony domestic assault and grand larceny. He is being held without bond at the Chesterfield County Jail.

T is focusing now on the health of her children, while trying to figure out how to make sure they can get where they need to be, the reason she decided it was time to be open about her current struggle.

"It's hard not having a vehicle and you need to get here, get (your children) there, I wasn't trying to be in this situation," she said earlier this week. "My family knows, I do not like to depend on no one - to hear my oldest say 'mommy where is our car?' It hurts."

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