Disabled homeowner struggles with leaky roof

Homeowner struggles with leaky roof

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico man with a learning disability has been dealing with a leaky roof, and a friend made call for help on his behalf to get the problem fixed.

Brian Huster cannot advocate for himself on a major project like a new roof, his friend Diane Talley said. Talley called for him to see what could be done about the problem.

The roof is leaking in several spots and Huster can't afford a contractor himself and doesn't have any extra money. Talley she called several places and could not get any help.

Huster has several buckets nearby to catch water coming in from places where the roof is failing. The home's walls show sign of water damage. Ever since Huster's parents died, he's been unable to make the repairs.

"He doesn't have enough money to do any large things," Talley said. "That's what he and his sister and I are trying to get done. But she's been inundated with a lot of stuff since his mom and dad died last year."

Huster works two days a week at Virginia Hospice as a stock clerk and he gets Social Security benefits. While he's able to take care of many of his needs with little help, a straight forward question like "what's your disability?" can be hard for him to understand and answer. Talley answers for him and Huster nods in agreement.

"Brian is just slow," Talley said. "Slow in understanding and comprehending. Yes."

The longtime family friend says whatever anyone can do would be appreciated.

"He's a sweet person that will do anything he can do to help you," Talley said. "If somebody is taking out some boxes, he says no let me do it. That's how he is. He'll do it for you."

Huster told us he misses his parents and keeps a picture of them that was taken before they got sick. He also has quite a large collection of angels. He said he used part of his pay to purchase a special pair of angels out of gratitude and admiration to his parents. He's waiting for the home to be fixed to display them.

Talley said he needs help now before damage to the walls and floor worsen.

"Brian only makes $11  an hour and he only works two days, so his money he gets from Social Security is small," Talley said. "It's a blessing, but it's small."

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