Richmond woman a finalist in competition to help homeless veterans

Richmond woman finalist in competition that helps homeless veterans
Updated: Aug. 29, 2018 at 9:20 PM EDT
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(WWBT) - Brandy Powers-Lockett, of Richmond, is a top 25 finalist for Ms. Veteran of America 2018.

It's not a beauty pageant like it may seem. Instead, it's an advocacy program and fundraiser that raises awareness for homeless female veterans.

"I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve when you can't wait until Christmas morning," Powers-Lockett said. "That's my Oct. 7 when we find out who wins."

Powers-Lockett is a dual service retired veteran whose dream is to be crowned Ms. Veteran America and be an advocate for the homeless. If you would like to be donate or be Brandy's sponsor, head to

"Right now, currently in the United States, there are 55,000 homeless veterans," Powers-Lockett said.

The Ms. Veteran of America Competition selects one woman to serve as a national advocate for Final Salute, a charity that help homeless female veterans and their families get back on their feet.

Powers-Lockett feels it's unacceptable for veterans to go overseas, and come back home to find there is nothing for them.

"If a person puts on a uniform and picks up weapon and goes out fight and they come back home the last thing they should worry about it where they lay their head at," Powers-Lockett said.

She was once close to being a homeless vet herself, so she says she realizes their pain.

"I would love to put an end to homeless veterans period, eradicate it all together," Powers-Lockett said.

She now counts her blessings, and is inspired to change America for the better.

"To me It's not about me winning - it's about the advocacy of the entire thing," Powers-Lockett said. "If I'm able to help one person who's going through a tough time, that can use the service of Final Salute, then I've done my job."

Win or lose, she calls this process an eye-opening experience.

"You learn a lot about yourself," Powers-Lockett said. "What you're comfortable with, what you're not comfortable with. It pushes you out of that comfort zone to make you do things you normally wouldn't do."

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