Man in need of a roof says company didn’t think issues were a big deal

Man in need of a roof says company didn't think issues were a big deal
Updated: Sep. 1, 2018 at 9:40 AM EDT
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MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - An 89-year-old Mechanicsville man is fighting to protect his most valuable investment - his home.

William Massie claims he has a bad roof and even brought in a third party to prove it.

"This is supposed to be a 50-year roof, and it's not going to make it," Massie said.

He got a new roof back in 2007. Over the last decade he says he's seen about a dozen shingles slip off. It's been alarming and he's called the company who installed it, Joe DeShazo and Son Roofing on Brook Road in Glen Allen, and spoke to the owner Joe.

"He didn't think it was any big deal, and that I shouldn't be concerned with what was going to happen," Massie said.

The company has given Massie an extended warranty where workers will come back and nail down any shingles that fall off, but he says that's not good enough because he paid nearly $6,500 dollars for a functioning roof.

"I should get what I bought shouldn't I?" Massie said. "I haven't had a complete roof since he put it up."

Massie's feelings were only underscored once he hired roof inspector John Cranor to take a look at it.

"I didn't check every shingle but of the shingles I checked both on the normal slopes and on the vertical slopes were not nailed properly," Cranor said.

"They're going to continue to d rop especially the vertical shingles over time they'll d rop periodically because they're not nailed properly and not sealed."

Cranor says the shingles on the vertical section of the roof, where all off the shingles have fallen so far, must be hand sealed per manufacturer's instructions, unlike the normal sloped roof which seals itself.

"This one easily lifts and I don't want to lift too hard, but it's not sealed down and there are probably a lot like that," Cranor said.

"They all eventually will finally fall," Massie said.

That is his long-term concern. He wants an entire new roof. Something roofing company owner Joe DeShazo has declined to do.

NBC12's Eric Philips is working to help these two sides resolve this issue. When he spoke with DeShazo he said would re-do the vertical section of the roof by either re-nailing the current shingles or installing new ones.

According to the inspector Cranor, "The vertical part is the most important part."

When Philips presented these options to the home owner, he said he is interested in having that section redone. We'll keep you updated on what happens.

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