New app helps protect your identity

New app helps protect your identity

(WWBT) - One out of every two Americans has experienced financial theft or fraud, according to a new security survey. But a new, free app can help you protect your identity.

It's called CreditWise from Capital One and it just launched three new features to help consumers protect their credit and quickly detect fraud.

The first feature is a social security number tracker. Meaning, they take your social security number and search the entire Experian Credit Bureau for anyone using that number with a different name or address.

You can also sign up through text or email for Experian and Transunion credit alerts.

The app will send you an alert if anybody attempts to open up a new line of credit or makes changes to your credit file.

There's also dark web surveillance. The app searches the entire dark web for your name, social security number and your email address.

Richmond, Virginia based Joe Whitchurch heads up CreditWise from Capital One.

He says if they find your information on the dark web, you will get an immediate alert.

"We'll let you know everything that we know about how it might have been compromised. When it was posted and most importantly we'll give you some information on what you can do to protect yourself knowing that your social security number is out there," said Whitchurch.

You don't have to be a member of Capital One to download it or use it.

It's free in your app store.

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