Stormy Daniels appearing at Papermoon on Dec. 4

Stormy Daniels appearing at Papermoon on Dec. 4

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Stormy Daniels will appear at Papermoon on Dec. 4.

The appearance, touted as “Making Papermoon Great Again,” was postponed from September due to Hurricane Michael.

Daniels has made numerous headlines this year about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump. She’s even sued Trump’s attorney on defamation claims.

She's even made an appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

“We are very excited to get her,” said Mike Dickinson, special assistant to the club owner Billy Pyliaris. “Anytime you can get a name to come to the club that’s bigger than anything going on in the state or nation right now you do it!”

“I’d argue more people know who Stormy Daniels is than who do our dear Sen. Tim Kaine,” Dickinson said. “That’s the power of pop culture and power we are banking on to sell tickets and fill seats.”

Dickinson has made a plea for lawmakers to come out to the show.

“We’d like to invite Corey Stewart, Dave Brat, or any of Team Trump to come see what they’re missing out on,” said Dickinson. “Besides Election Day - this is America’s only chance to reach up and touch American democracy.”