Chesterfield emergency responders hold active shooter training

Chesterfield emergency responders hold active shooter training

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A scary scene in Chesterfield as police and emergency crews converged on OB Gates Elementary school to deal with an active shooter - but good news, the shooter wasn't real.

"1001 courthouse road OB Gates Elementary School. Active Shooter. Teachers heard gunshots. Could be multiple shooters." Radio Traffic said.

All hands on deck as two shooters entered an elementary school filled with hundreds of people. 

"We all see all across the country tragedies happening in our communities. We, here in Chesterfield, want to make sure we are prepared in any way possible." Chesterfield Deputy Chief Dan Kelly said. 

"They have about 400 people that are involved in the incident. Anywhere from Chesterfield fire and ems, police department, sheriff's department, the office of emergency management and our Chesterfield schools." Chesterfield Fire Lt. Jason Elmore said.

"Lockdown, lockdown!" A voice over the school loudspeaker said.   

In this scenario, there were two shooters entering the school. Once the call went out, agencies had to work together to make sure everyone was safe 

"There were multiple deceased people and multiple people with injuries, and so when they walked in there, they walked into a scene that was very chaotic," Kelly said. 

"I think the big thing we want everyone to leave with is communication," Elmore said. 

"We all have to be speaking with one voice. We all have to understand what the other hand is going to do," Kelly said.  

Leaders say they even realized areas that might need improvement. 

"I think we learned that we can handle media a little better, and I also think we observed where we can observe incident command and unified command in a better way," Kelly said. 

"We hope that we never have to have something like this, but we want to make sure we come and are prepared if it does occur in the county," Elmore said.

Organizers say they worked very closely with the school system for this training exercise.

This isn't the first event like this either. First responders have done something similar at the mall as well.

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