Thief steals trailer from non-profit that honored life of Henrico teen

Updated: Jul. 26, 2018 at 7:52 PM EDT
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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The search is on to find whoever stole something vital to a Henrico non-profit group's good work.

On Facebook, Grace Gallagher of the "Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation" says a thief stole the group's trailer from their parking lot.

"Finally it sunk in, oh my gosh this trailer was stolen, and of course, my heart sank a little bit," explained Grace Gallagher.

You'll find words of encouragement on the trailer as it may pass by on the road, or sit parked.

"You got something really special," said Gallagher.

The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation was started by a family dedicated to encouraging the community. The organization raises awareness and offers support and understanding for teenage depression and anxiety.

It is all done to honor the life of a 16-year-old who used running to help in her own struggles, but she was also dedicated to reaching out to others. Cameron passed away suddenly from a heart condition after finishing a half marathon in 2014.

It was always her dream to help others by creating a 5K, which continues throughout the country today. The SpeakUp 5K trailer became part of the everyday mission, and when it was stolen, it had the start and finish line of the race inside.

"If I try to be true to the mission we have here at CKG, you have to remember it's not about the trailer," said Gallagher. "It's about the message, and the message isn't gone."

Even in their own frustration, the focus is staying on the community, and facing the setback with a perspective shift.

"I'm human, I was very disappointed and yes I got angry, but part of the work we do, and what we teach children, is stress is going to happen in your life, what you can control is your relationship to that stress," she said.

Gallagher posted a message to whoever stole the trailer on Facebook:

I would like to let the individual or individuals who stole the CKG SpeakUp trailer from the foundation headquarters to know something important. You are in the possession of something truly special inspired by the brave voice of a beautiful 16 year old girl. You are lucky. Lucky because you are able to be to close to such an important message. Did you see the words on the side? "Awareness, education, and help for those battling teenage depression." Perhaps you are fighting your own battles these days. There is something special that happens when people see that trailer traveling down the road. It offers hope and light to each and everyone of us who need to be reminded we are not alone. All of us at CKG will keep fighting the good fight, we will finish the race and we will keep the faith. I don't understand why it was taken but I know in order to be true to Cameron and her mission it is not up to me to judge. It is up to me always choose the light, hope and overall goodness in human nature. And who knows… maybe it's time for the trailer to get an upgrade! Stay tuned- you know if it is going to be CKG style it will be spectacular!

As hundreds continue to share the post, and police search for a thief, Gallagher knows Cameron's legacy will continue to shine.

"I guarantee something changed inside of them when they were driving that - you can't help it. It's a magical trailer, and it's got something good inside," she said. "I know somehow Cameron is giving them a wink of something good."

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