Homeowner: Contractor damaged home, didn't do work properly

Homeowner: Contractor damaged home, didn't do work properly
Janet says the contractor stained the brick and siding (Source: Janet Bourne)
Janet says the contractor stained the brick and siding (Source: Janet Bourne)

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A Henrico woman calls 12 On Your Side after she says a contractor damaged her home and didn't finish the project he was hired to do.

Janet Bourne hired a company to get rid of bats in her attic. NBC12 is not revealing the name of the company at this time.

It began in early June, when Bourne went to get something from her attic.

"I saw something black at the end of the house walls, and I walked up to pick up something and when I touched it, it moved," Bourne said. "So of course I screamed and I said 'oh stink, we have bats!'"

The company had a good rating and reviews on the website Thumbtack.

Bourne paid them more than $1,215 up front, which she says was cashed the next day. Bourne and the company signed a contract.

"He was very nice. We felt he was going to be a great fit for us," Bourne said. "He appeared to be a really nice guy who would do what he said he was going to do."

But after the contractors started to work, Bourne and her husband started to feel differently.

"On Father's Day, they were the supposed to come the next day, so my husband and I were like, 'lets go around and look at the house,'" Bourne said. "He came and got me and said, 'Janet, you're not going to believe this.' He said look at this job."

To get rid of the bats, Bourne says, the contractor was to close all vents and openings near and on the roof of the home. They were also to attach a tube where the bats would be able to fly out but not get back in. She says part of the work that was supposed to be finished, wasn't, even though Bourne says, the contractors told her it was complete. Some areas that were done, she says, weren't done properly.

"You could stick your hand up the mesh on the wire screen. It wasn't attached," said Bourne.

Some of the work also required using a foam as a sealant. Bourne claims that foam wasn't properly distributed and stained the brick and aluminum siding.

"Immediately, I called [the company owner] and said 'you need to get here' and he said 'I can't get here,'" Bourne said.

Bourne has since asked for her money back and payment for the damage. She has a text message that shows the owner agreed to pay her, but weeks later, she says no check has been sent.

"No hard feelings, just pay us back for what you've not done and the damage you've done to our house, and also we don't want this to happen to anyone else," said Bourne.

Bourne plans to contract with another company to fix and finish the work here at her home. She says she won't pay them until the work is done.

The company owner stands by most of the work him and his employees did. He admits one of his workers discolored a portion of the home with sealant, but  he says he offered and plans to pay for it:

I am more than willing to pay for the section that my guy discolored, but I'm not going to pay to redo the woman's entire house. The bill she sent me was for that. We did discolor but a two-foot section, not 90-plus linear feet...I would say that the work that they did that she says wasn't done properly was done properly. Just like she is not going to be taken advantage of, neither will I.

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