Safety manager out at Chesterfield Schools after controversial Facebook posts

Safety manager out at Chesterfield Schools after controversial Facebook posts

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - The safety and security manager for Chesterfield County Public School is no longer employed by the school system, officials said Thursday morning.

The school system said it was made aware on Tuesday of controversial Facebook posts from Donald Green.

"We take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing learning environment that is free from disruptions and distractions," said Shawn Smith, spokesman for Chesterfield Schools.

In June, Green was part of a task force that called for "armed security mentors" in every elementary school.

"A retired police officer who can be armed security, so that if the worst case scenario happens, we have immediate response there on site," Green said in June.

He had been with with the school system for four years. On LinkedIn, Green says he has more than 30 years of military, law enforcement and security management experience.

NBC12 received numerous emails and phone calls about Green's Facebook posts with anti-Muslim messaging.

"I'm trying to feel compassion for Donald Green, because he is one of many people who has bought the lie that others are the reason for our problems, and somebody else who is different than us is the reason why we are suffering," said concerned parent Jackie Annruiz. "That is a lie, and many people believe it."

Ruiz says a group of concerned parents first starting looking into Green after a proposal for armed mentors in elementary schools, was presented to the Chesterfield School Safety Task Force. Many of the posts were from 2015, and have since been deleted.

Parents say they were shocked by what they say they came across on social media. Many taking screenshots and saving the images, they urged other families to reach out to school administrators with their concerns.

"His second social media account became available. It was clear his agenda was racially-motivated and fear mongering," she said.

Annruiz is among many parents who say they don't agree with having armed mentors in elementary schools, and feel the resources should be allocated elsewhere within public schools.

"This could be much better used for counselors, deescalation training, trauma informed care, all things that are sorely missed in

Chesterfield County," said Annruiz. "We can put a gate around the school if it makes people feel safer, bringing a gun is not the answer."

Grace Olsen says she is thankful for how quickly CCPS looked into and handled the situation, she questions the school systems vetting process for employees, before they are hired and while they are serving the county.

"When they initially hired him, did anyone do any background checking? I mean someone with these views that are out there for the public see?, said Olsen.

Olsen feels the posts were especially disturbing because they included photos and messages about children.

"I've heard that he said he already had mentors picked out so if this person who have racist and hate filled views have already picked out potential mentors--that's the real impetus.," she explained. "We can't have people in our schools who have hateful views against children," she said.

Screenshot from Facebook may contain images and language that are offensive to some:

In a statement, another parent wrote:

"Parents should be horrified by what I saw on Donald Greens Facebook page. The school board has allowed this type to of a person to push [his own] agenda of arming CCPS staff into my kids' schools. How can we trust CCPS to hire people to work as armed mentors when this is who they hire to run the entire safety and security department? The school board and board of supervisors needs to focus on bringing resources to CCPS so we can address the serious need for mental health support and school counselors as well as other physical security measures that the task force had been working on."

Wednesday, Green was supposed to lead a safety tour of Meadowbrook High School for VA Delegates a part of the House Select Committee on School Safety, instead, that tour was given by the schools principal.

When reached by phone Thursday, Green simply said "No thank you," and did not want to comment on the situation.

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