Mom: Daycare worker in Chesterfield slapped my child

Mom: Daycare worker in Chesterfield slapped my child

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A mom has filed a criminal complaint after she says her daughter was slapped by an instructor at daycare.

Tristen Crump says the incident happened on Thursday, July 5 at Childcare Network on Walmsley Boulevard in Chesterfield.

Crump says she brought her 10-year-old daughter Taniyah and her two younger siblings to their summer program at Childcare Network. Taniyah says she was playing a game with her friends during free time when she was slapped by one of her instructors.

"The teacher came out of no where and slapped me in the face," Taniyah said. "I was ready to cry but I didn't."

Taniyah says she was in shock and continued playing like nothing ever happened.

"A few minutes later, I told her I was going to tell my mom and she said I don't care, tell your mom. I don't really care," Taniyah said.

Taniyah told her mom the next day.

"I wanted to cry," Tristen Crump said. "I was like, I'm taking my daughter here to be protected and y'all are abusing my kid? Who else kids are being abused?"

Crump pulled her daughter out of the daycare and filed a criminal complaint and a restraining order against the teacher.

NBC12 is choosing not to identify the teacher unless official criminal charges are filed against her.

According to Crump, this isn't the first time this instructor has struck her child or others at the daycare.

According to Childcare Network's website, the teacher has worked at the daycare for more than a decade.

NBC12 stopped by the Childcare Network on Monday and was told someone at the corporate office would call us back. The corporate office has not yet responded to questions about this story.

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