Outer Banks visitors advised not to feed wild horses

Outer Banks visitors advised not to feed wild horses
The horses are sensitive to diet changes, so don't feed them.

COROLLA, NC (WWBT) - If you're planning to head to the Outer Banks this weekend, or any other time for that matter, there's a warning out to not feed the wild horses that live on the islands.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund, a charity organization to benefit the animals, warns that feeding the horses an apple or carrot like you would a farm horse can kill it.

The organization put up a banner on a donated billboard on northbound Highway 158 warning visitors to leave the horses alone.

Wild horses cannot properly digest the treats visitors try to give them, which can cause painful stomach issues and even kill the horses.

In a comment on its Facebook post, the organization elaborated and said that horses are sensitive to changes in diet. Because the wild horses have only eaten native grasses, any food outside of that can cause them harm.

Additionally, feeding the horses can cause them to seek out food from humans, which can be dangerous for both.

The organization wants to put up additional billboards to warn visitors about the sensitivity of the animals and help keep them safe and healthy.

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