Homeowner: Contracting company worked on wrong home

Homeowner: Contracting company worked on wrong home

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Imagine turning onto the road you live on, only to find your home with poles surrounding it and the siding removed. It wouldn't be a surprise if you'd hired contractors, but it was a total shock for one Henrico man, who says he never hired anyone to work on his house.

Anthony Bates turned onto his street on Almond Tree Drive, Tuesday night, only to find the siding off his house and holes in his roof.

Bates, who was in complete shock, couldn't imagine what was happening.

"Some of my neighbors started explaining to me that they thought I was getting an upgrade to my house, because two months ago, I got a new roof," Bates said.

But Bates says he had not hired anyone for these services.

"I feel violated, because this is my private property," Bates said.

There was no sign or information left about the company, so Bates had to wait until Wednesday morning, when the workers returned, to straighten out the mistake.

An employee with GL Hughes Contracting out of Aylett told NBC12 the crew got its streets mixed up because of GPS. Instead of working on Bates' home on Almond Tree Drive, the crew should should have been working at a home behind his, with the same address number but on Almond Berry Place.

Bates said the workers apologized.

"He repeated over and over that he had made a mistake," Bates said. "And he told me the only thing he is willing to do at this moment is put my [old] siding back on."

Something Bates is thankful for, but he thinks he deserves more.

"I think I deserve more than just putting my siding back on," Bates said. "For one thing, my siding wasn't supposed to come off. Another thing, they put holes in my roof to put this equipment up, and that's a new roof. I got it two months ago."

NBC12 reached out to the owner of GL Hughes Contracting, who released the following response:

I have reached out to my insurance carrier to file a claim. I told Mr Bates that we would take care of everything and put everything back as it was.  However he refused and wanted us off the property and called an attorney. This was an honest mistake by my worker which he is very upset about.  The address was the was the same only difference was one was a court and the other was drive.  A stupid mistake by my worker.

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