New alcohol laws to take effect July 1

New alcohol laws to take effect July 1
New alcohol laws go into effect July 1.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The way retailers make and sell alcohol is about to change.

1. The price of a general license application fee is increasing from $65 to $195, while the application fee for a mixed drink beverage special event license is going up from $15 to $45. The state tax on a shipper's license will also increase from $95 to $230.

2. There will no longer be a requirement for applicants for certain ABC licenses to provide a notary statement. Applicants will now provide a statement on the application saying that all the information is true.

3. A joint resolution confirms the governor's appointment of the Virginia ABC Board and Chief Executive Officer.

4. The Virginia ABC Board will establish and appoint members to the Virginia Institutions of Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee. The goal is to develop and update a statewide plan for substance abuse education at the state's public and private higher education institutions.

6. Distilleries will also see some changes. Licensed distillers are able to include samples, spirits or vermouth not manufactured on the licensed site, as long as, at least 75 percent of the spirits used are on manufactured on the distillery's premises. No more than 10 percent of spirits can be kept by the distillery. Distilleries can also purchase up to eight banquet licenses for special events.

7. Property related to the Old Prices Fork School Comprehensive Community Revitalization project has been added to a mixed beverage license - if given - without needing a local referendum.

8. A new confectionery license allows licensees to prepare and sell confectionery that contains 5 percent less of alcohol by volume for off-site consumption.

9. Museums or other facilities owned by a locality are now included in the annual mixed beverage special events license.

10. An Internet beer retailer license has been created. It gives the privileges of and fee for the license and defines "Internet beer retailer."

11. Museums in Front Royal that educate the public about historic beer products can now sell beer on site, if approved by the Board.

12. Any private swim club operated by a duly organized non-profit organization or association can now allow its members to bring alcohol onto the premises.

13. Wine wholesalers are now permitted to have designated exclusive sales territories. The law matches how beer franchises are set up.

14. Before any wine or beer can be delivered to be resold by a retailer, it has to first be delivered to the licensed site, unloaded, kept on-site for at least four hours, then reloaded and recorded in the wholesaler's inventory.

15. At least 20 percent of beer sold at a brewery has to be for on-site consumption. This change goes into effect on January 1, 2019, with a further delayed effective date of April 30, 2022, for Deschutes Brewery in Roanoke.

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