FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY: Severe storms possible

FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY: Severe storms possible

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's a First Alert Weather Day on Wednesday for a threat of strong to severe evening storms.  You'll notice from the threat map that Central Virginia is on the eastern side of the threat area.  The severe weather will be heading our way at the end of the day, and not during the hottest part of the day.  Our storm threat is mainly 8-midnight in the Richmond area.

Today's main threats are gusty winds and there might even be a tornado warning. With a  warm front lifting north, there's enough spin in the atmosphere to spin up a tornado.  We'll watch this closely through the day.

Here's the model simulation (As of Wednesday am) of the weather for 8pm.  Storms will be firing up North and West of Richmond.

By 10pm, storms are on top of the Richmond metro.  Keep in mind the storm chance is SCATTERED.  It does not look like widespread rain.

After Wednesday evening's storm chance. the rain chance drops down for about a week.  We need it after 2 months of record rain!