HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Accidental bowel leakage treatments

HCA Neighborhood Health Watch: Accidental bowel leakage treatments

(WWBT) - It's not a pleasant topic to talk about, but it happens to one in 12 adults. We're talking about accidental bowel leakage. It's more prevalent than you think.

Fecal incontinence is the loss of normal control of your bowels. This condition leads to leakage of solid or liquid stool or gas. It can occur because of problems with your muscles and nerves, in the rectum and pelvis.

It's more common than diabetes, says Dr. Peter Miller with Henrico Doctors' Hospital. 20 million people have it but suffer in silence at home.

Dr. Miller says see a doctor when your quality of life changes, when you find yourself not going out, or doing normal social activities.

Dr. Miller says, "The great part about this problem is we do have things that help people with this. So, medications sometimes work for people. It could be once or twice a day medication to solve their problem. If it's something more complicated we have a never stimulator device that we can implant and those are up to 90 percent effective. The stimulator device actually stimulates the muscle and the pathway that goes to your brain to your backside that tells you when you have to go to the bathroom and helps people from having accidents."

The take away is not to suffer alone. Go see a doctor and start the conversation to get help.

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