Tips: Making the transition back to school easier for your family

Tips: Making the transition back to school easier for your family
Updated: Aug. 30, 2018 at 10:07 AM EDT
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The summer has flown by, and the back-to-school supply lists are out. But is your family back on schedule?

We have some tips to help ease the transition back to class, because preparation leading up to that moment can make a big difference.

"I think the most important thing about transitioning back to school is not to go zero to 100 overnight," said Marcie Shea, with Richmond Moms Blog. "So, that starts in the summer about being intentional in the weeks leading up to school - moving bedtimes back to a reasonable hour, but also when they get up in the morning, have them go ahead and get ready and get dressed just like they will on a school morning."

Marcie has lots of experience in the mom department. Her little ones are in elementary school, but she is also a teacher, so she knows what changes you make now, can help make the start of school easier for everyone.

She says to talk to kids about following directions.

"We practice following directions the first time," said Shea. "Which I know all teachers can rejoice over. And we talk about, we're very intentional about talking about looking for people who need friends. The start of school can be socially and emotionally really challenging."

Shea recommends a book called "The Invisible Boy" to start the conversation about kindness and inclusion with your child. She also says to be thoughtful about how much you sign up to do as a family.

"It can be really easy as soon as school goes back to jump right into all the activities and sports," said Shea. "But if you can kind of slowly add those in, so that it's not zero to 100 all the sudden, I think that makes a big difference."

And most importantly, she says, have patience for everyone involved.

"Give a dose of grace to everyone. It's going back to school for teachers is tough too."

Good luck heading back to class!

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