Popular app under fire for leaking customer information

Popular app under fire for leaking customer information
TeenSafe promises it's safe with all of the data encrypted.

(WWBT) - A popular app parents use to try to keep their kids safe is now under fire for leaking some very valuable customer information.

More than a million people use a popular app called TeenSafe to track their kids' phone activity. The app promises it's safe with all of the data encrypted. But security researchers just found account names, passwords and more, totally exposed online.

Parents use the TeenSafe app to view their kids' text messages and location, see who they're calling, and track which websites they visit. TeenSafe promises on its site that it's safe, and encrypts all of that data.

However, Robert Wiggins, a British security researcher, discovered TeenSafe wasn't doing anything to protect customer data in at least two of its servers. In fact, he didn't even need a password to see parents' email addresses, kids' email addresses, and Apple IDs. Even worse, the Apple ID passwords were also in plain sight.

Since TeenSafe requires kids turn off two-factor authentication in order for the app to work, they are especially vulnerable here. TeenSafe says it has taken down that information and is notifying affected users.

In the meantime, tech expert Dave Hatter says if you use the TeenSafe app, you should delete it now.

You also need to change your Apple ID password, and if the same password or the one on your TeenSafe account shows up on any other accounts, change those right away, too.

Hackers know we all tend to use the same password over and over again, so you need to make sure your bank account, credit cards, and other sensitive accounts are all protected by strong, unique passwords.

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