Parent claims woman stormed into school and instructed students to fight

Parent claims woman stormed into school and instructed students to fight
The child was left bleeding with a bruised eye.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A school day takes a violent turn after one parent claims a woman walked straight into a classroom and ordered her child to attack another student.

The alleged attack involving first graders happened at Richmond's Fairfield Court Elementary. Now the school district is investigating.

It's something no parent ever wants to hear.

"I got a phone call telling me my son was assaulted in his class," Cieara Kannard said.

First grader Sincere Johnson remembers it well.

"Yesterday, he punched me on my stomach. I said 'what was that for?' He said his momma told him to beat me up," he said.

His mom says the students were in the middle of SOL testing when all of a sudden a parent stormed into the school.

"The school told me, when they called me, that she was irate. She was acting belligerent in the hallways…she came into the classroom. They said they tried to stop her from going down the hallway and into the classroom, but she made it," Kannard added.

Then it got worse.

"She instructed her child to hit my child and then said 'that's not good enough', to attack him," Kannard claimed.

Sincere was left bleeding with a bruised eye.

"We are unable to comment on student disciplinary matters," said RPS Spokesperson Kenita Bowers. "This incident is currently being investigated and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken pending the outcome."

"I don't feel they tried hard enough. She could've had a gun, a weapon," Kannard said with concern.

Meantime, this 7-year-old who normally loves going to school says he's scared to return.

"I don't know if I go back to school, if he'll come back and beat me up," Johnson said.

NBC12 is awaiting a response after asking RPS for additional clarity on security and how someone can get into a school building and walk straight into a classroom.

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