FIRST ALERT: Alberto makes landfall in the Florida Panhandle

FIRST ALERT: Alberto makes landfall in the Florida Panhandle

(WWBT) - Sub-tropical storm Alberto has made landfall near Laguna Beach, FL late Monday afternoon.

Here are the latest stats as of 5pm Monday:

Now that Alberto has come ashore, the winds will quickly diminish near the storm center tonight and through the day on Tuesday. Heavy rain and localized flooding will continue to be a threat as the system continues to move well inland over the next several days.

You'll notice that the actual center of the storm is expected to track WELL TO THE WEST of Virginia by Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  However, the remnant moisture on the east side of the circulation will only enhance our chances for scattered showers and storms each of these days.

Now for a little science!

So, what in the world is a "Subtropical Storm?"  From the American Meteorological Society:

has characteristics of both tropical cyclones and mid-latitude (or extratropical) cyclones. Often, these storms have a radius of maximum winds which is farther out than what is observed for purely "tropical" systems.

Many times these subtropical storms transform into true tropical cyclones.

Prior to 2002 subtropical storms were not given names, but the Tropical Prediction Center issued forecasts and warnings on them similar to those for tropical cyclones. Since 2002 they are given names from the tropical cyclone list. Gustav 2002 was the first subtropical storm to be named.

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