Washed out roads, flooding leaves Hanover Co. homeowners stuck for few hours

Washed out roads, flooding leaves Hanover Co. homeowners stuck for few hours
A section of Greenwood Road washed out Friday following days of rainfall

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Severe flooding from the amount of rain over the last few days has caused roads in Hanover County to washout and close.

Greenwood Road in Glen Allen was shut-down in two sections Friday as the Virginia Department of Transportation responded to the situations.

Nearly a mile from Winns Church Road, an entire section of the road washed away.

"It was interesting to see how powerful the water was just flowing through there," said Sawyer Fletcher, who lives nearby. "It was moving [so quick] to take out the road."

The nearly 20-foot gap in Greenwood Road drew many homeowners out to look for themselves.

"I'm surprised to see so much of it washed away and the current being so strong that it was," said Heather Fletcher.

"It's pretty crazy," her son added. "It's been happening everywhere up and down the east coast these past couple of days."

Homeowners said the same section of the road washed away roughly 15 years ago, and took months to fix.

The accumulation of rain across Central VA caused school systems like Hanover County to close.

"I was thinking there was no way we were canceled and then it said closing for flooding so I knew it had to be something serious," said Charlie Rohr, who attends Oak Knoll Middle School.

Meanwhile further up Greenwood Road, homeowners also dealt with another road situation with a potential for a washout.

"I looked down in there and it was [very] shallow," said Cindie Willoughby. "So I called 911."

For several hours the people who lived between the potential washout, and the actual washout were trapped.

"While I was standing there watching it, big chunks of dirt, [fell] to the bottom," Willoughby said.

"I had to cancel my hair appointment," said another woman.

VDOT crews ripped up the road in order to refill the ditch as dump trucks brought in rocks.

"It's a little different because this has never happened near here before," Rohr said. "I've only seen it on TV."

VDOT spokeswoman Jessica Cowardin said crews temporarily patched the section of the road, and will be out for a permanent patch Saturday.

As for the total washout further down Greenwood Road, Cowardin said crews are trying to get a pipe replacement for the one that was washed away.

Repair work could last a few weeks.

Also in Hanover County, NBC12 viewers sent photos of Horseshoe Bridge Road in Ashland where a car could be seen submerged underneath a bridge. Photos also show the road buckling in several areas.

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