Woman caught in high water: 'I'm just happy I'm fine'

A driver was rescued along Gayton Road in Henrico County. (Source: NBC12)
A driver was rescued along Gayton Road in Henrico County. (Source: NBC12)
Published: May. 18, 2018 at 5:25 PM EDT|Updated: May. 18, 2018 at 5:54 PM EDT
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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A woman was rescued from her car as water quickly flooded it on Gayton Road near Monmouth around 6 a.m. Friday.

That woman didn't suffer from any injuries, but the car remained under water for six hours after the flash floods.

The flooding caused neighbors and drivers to gawk at the flooding in awe as the water rose to more than three feet and just inches away from the top of the car.

"I was always told not to get out of a car in brisk moving water and they told me to stay in my car, but by the time they got here the water was already up to my door and I was sitting in waist deep water," the driver said.

FORECAST: Additional flooding possible

She was placed in a life vest and says the water was about chest deep when she got out of the car. She says it wasn't hard to leave it behind.

"A car is a car and it's replaceable. I'm just happy that I'm fine."

The woman said that she drove through the water because it appeared to be a puddle.

"It was raining so hard at the time that I left, so you could barely see a few feet in front of you. So I couldn't see very much at all," she explained.

"There was water down, but it didn't seem that deep because I could still see the line. As I got in water just kept rushing over and before I knew it my engine died before I could try to put it into reverse to get out," she said.

The woman, who chose not to speak on camera, says the car is a total loss, but she has two kids and is grateful they weren't inside.

"Luckily neither of them were with me because I was heading to work," she said.

Flooding closes roads throughout Central Virginia

The woman's mother-in-law says she and the young children came to scene as quickly as they could and watched the rescue the entire time.

The mother-in-law also says the children, both under 5 years old, thanked the rescue teams for saving their mother.

Neighbors say this area has flood before, but never to this extent.

"I've been here since '62 and it floods, but not like this. This is way more than anyone has ever seen," Owen Hughes said.

One family just moved to the area about a month ago and their backyard now looks like a water marsh with ducks swimming inside.

They say the rising water is a safety concern for their small children and will be aware of possible future floods.

The driver of the car that was submerged is not facing any charges, but she says this was a learning experience that she won't soon forget.

"I think I'll even have trouble driving through a puddle from here on," she said.

Henrico Fire officials are warning drivers to know of multiple routes home as the chance for more rain continues Friday night.

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