Mom: Transportation service is late, forgets to pick son up at school

Mom: Transportation service is late, forgets to pick son up at school
K'Tia Hicks' and her son, Kavan, have had transportation issues.

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The mother of a 13-year-old boy with special needs says the transportation services he receives after school is frequently late and sometimes doesn't show up at all.

K'Tia Hicks' son, Kavan is an eighth grader at Fairfield Middle School. He has autism, ADHD and anxiety disorder and goes for therapy sessions after school at St. Joseph's Villa in Henrico.

Southeast Trans, who is contracted through Medicaid, is the company assigned to take Kavan to and from his after-school program.

Hicks says she has had serious issues with Southeast Trans over the last school year. She says on numerous occasions they have not picked her son up at all and he often calls her stressed out and anxious because they are hours late.

"There has been a lot of problems with the transportation," Hicks said.

Hicks has had to leave her job to pick up her son. Hicks and St. Joseph's Villa have filed numerous complaints over the last year.

On Monday, Hicks contacted NBC12 after the transportation service was over hour late. The company sent a Lyft, a car from a ride sharing service, to pick up her son.

Hicks said both Uber and Lyft services and even a yellow taxi have been used numerous times in the past instead of a medical transport van.

"What if he became nervous and tried to cross Nine Mile Road?" Hicks said. "What if some stranger said 'I'm here to come get you' and he got in their car?"

The mother is concerned that there isn't a medical van picking up her son with a driver he will know.

"I feel like my son is treated like he doesn't matter," Hicks said. "There needs to be some type of accountability."

Barbara Mclaughlin, state director of Southeast Trans, whose corporate office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, released this statement on Wednesday:

We are deeply saddened to learn one of our members had a bad experience with Southeast Trans. At Southeast Trans, we take our commitment to the citizens of the commonwealth very seriously and we understand the critical nature of the work we perform daily.

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