Beyonce superfan lands on 'Ellen,' doubles social media following

Beyonce superfan lands on 'Ellen,' doubles social media following
Brianna Bundick-Kelly's routine landed her on the 'Ellen' show.

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - If you think you're the most loyal member of the Bey-hive, we've got bad news for you - Beyonce's No. 1 fan may be a Virginia State University student.

Brianna Bundick-Kelly, a computer science major, recreates Beyonce's dance routines on Instagram.

The 18-year-old, self-proclaimed "Briyonce" has now amassed more than 32,000 followers on Instagram all because of her love of "Queen Bee."

Her following has nearly doubled since NBC12 first introduced you to the freshman last week.

"She's like my mom," Bundick-Kelly said of Beyonce.

The ever-confident dancer can pin point the video that took her to the next level.

She couldn't make it to Coachella in Los Angeles, so Briyonce watched Bey's Coachella performance and knew she had to learn it quickly.

She says she felt especially led to learn this one, considering Beyonce's performance was a nod to the culture of historically black colleges like VSU.

"I practiced it in an hour because I feel like that's what Beyonce would want me to do," Bundick-Kelly said, laughing.

In addition to her popularity on Instagram, a tweet of her dance routine has nearly 100,000 retweets:

Bundick-Kelly says she's a perfectionist and wasn't originally satisfied with her video, but her best friend encouraged her to post it anyway.

"I didn't like the video at first," Bundick-Kelly explained.

But everyone else did. Including Ellen DeGeneres.

"I get the call and they're like, 'How do you feel?' And I was like, 'I feel great.' And they were like well it's about to feel even better because you're about to be on the 'Ellen' show! And I just started crying," Bundick-Kelly said.

As for the Ellen experience, "It was really fun; she smells great," Bundick-Kelly joked.

From Ellen's talk show to magazine features in Teen Vogue online, the dancing dynamo says the best part of this whole experience is the people.

"I get thousands of messages everyday. People always say 'I show my daughter your videos, she dances along with you,'" she said.

"People from China, Sweden, Australia come to congratulate me and they don't even know me," Bundick-Kelly said.

Briyonce only had a few minutes to speak with us before catching a plane for another opportunity, so Alex Whittler had to learn the dance quickly too.

Alex knows she's got a lot of work to do before perfecting the quick dance break, but she is optimistic that she and Briyonce will find time to dance together again …

... after she finishes her upcoming appearances, of course.

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