Earth Day: LED lights could cut utilities by 60 percent

Earth Day: LED lights could cut utilities by 60 percent
File photo of an LED light bulb

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - New lighting went up outside of Swift Creek Baptist Church in Chesterfield.  The crew swapped out the old light fixtures with LED lights to save money on the power bill.

"A utility bill consists of 40 percent lighting, 40 percent HVAC, and 20 percent appliances.  Switching from old incandescent lighting to LED will save anywhere from 60 to 70 percent," said Chesterfield native, Christopher Rawlings, who runs Veteran LED. Veteran LED is doing the work on Swift Creek Baptist Church. The company already changed out a lot of the lights inside the building.

"In sanctuaries and churches, you have lighting that's very hard to reach. Being able to switch these bulbs out to LEDs not only do you have the savings, but it helps avoid the maintenance cost and safety concerns of people having to get all the way up there to change these bulbs out."

Rawlings says after he got out of the military he had a job and noticed how much energy was being wasted -- he looked into it a solution, "I did a bunch of research day in and day out on energy and everything that kept popping was LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting."

Rawlings' company does LED lighting, HVAC systems, and other work for medium to large businesses, but says the savings are the same if you take a look inside of your home.  Dominion Energy also offers rebates to help offset the cost of investing in more efficient energy solutions.

"They look at the avoided maintenance costs and the energy reduction and they look at the Dominion rebates, or the utility rebates in their area, that offsets they cost -- they're often very surprised at the very quick return on investment and the impact that it has on their organization."

Click here for more information about Dominion Energy rebate programs.

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