Meet the company behind The Diamond’s ‘Nursing Nest’

Meet the company behind The Diamond’s ‘Nursing Nest’
Melissa Wirt launched Latched Mamas, which recently helped put in a nursing station at The Diamond.

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - New and nursing moms are going nuts for the "Nursing Nest" at The Diamond - it's a new nursing and pumping room, that just debuted at the ball park.

The Chesterfield-based company Latched Mama, which is known for its clothing line, helped launch the room.

At the center of it all is four-time mom Melissa Wirt.

"Last summer, we had a few mamas who reached out to us who explained kind of what the situation was at The Diamond," said Wirt. "They said, 'You know, we asked for some private places to nurse our babies and our options were not great ones.'"

Wirt reached out to The Diamond and asked Latched Mamas to help solve the problem.

"From the minute we mentioned it, they said, 'Tell us what you need, tell us what you need to have it happen,'" she said.

From the noise to the crowds, ballparks can be tricky places to nurse a baby.

"I know myself, as a mom of four, and the owner of a nursing wear company, I'll nurse my baby wherever he or she is hungry," Wirt said. "But a baseball stadium can be hot. Especially in Virginia in the summer. It's a loud space. It can be distracting."

Inside the new air conditioned "Nest" suite, though, is a different story. It's not just somewhere to nurse, but it's also somewhere that makes taking a baby to the ballpark a whole lot easier.

"It's a super clean bathroom and a changing table and for now we've provided diapers and wipes," said Wirt.

The Flying Squirrels helped add power, too, so mothers could pump or store milk in a mini fridge during a game.

"Companies are starting to realize that they need to do this for moms, so absolutely, if anyone wants to reach out, we definitely can help whoever wants to know the different things you need to put in the space," said Wirt.

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