School system investigates alleged bullying video viewed by thousands

School system investigates alleged bullying video viewed by thousands
Boy hides his face from the recording device in alleged bullying incident on Greensville County school bus

EMPORIA, VA (WWBT) - The Greensville County Public School system is investigating an alleged bullying situation that happened on one of its school buses recently involving a young boy.

A woman in the school system office said they were aware of the Facebook video (WARNING: the video may be disturbing to some viewers), and are investigating.

The video, which was been posted to social media early Sunday morning, shows several children hollering at a boy on a school bus.

The boy appears to keep his head down during this situation, while being recorded with what appears to be a cell phone.

"I was hurting for my son because I couldn't be there to help him... and he needed it," said the boy's mother Clarice Conner.

During the nearly four-minute video the boy swats at the recording device, and attempts to hide his face in his jacket and against the seat in front of him.

Conner said she didn't know the extent of what happened on the school bus Thursday until she got a hold of the video.

"When I talked to him he said they were teasing him, picking at his clothes and that they were recording him on their phones," she said. "He got off the bus crying."

The children in the video talk about the boy's shoes, and how he is crying. At the end of the video one child tells the boy "we're just playing."

While Conner agrees that kids will be kids, she feels this video shows it went beyond child's play.

"When you have multiple children zooming in on one… that's not kids being kids," she said. "That's learned behavior."

The video which was posted to social media by Conner, was shared nearly 1,000 times and  viewed more than 31,000 times as of Monday morning.

Conner said she decided to post the video on social media to let other parents know what's being done is not okay.

"It shouldn't even happen," she said. "If you're going to entertain it. Whatever the consequences are, you should get one. Even if it was my son, he should get it."

In Conner's Facebook post, she stated her son was only seven-years-old and called the children in the video "childish."

"Children my son's age, children older than him, have committed suicide or tried," she said Monday afternoon. "Or now they're missing because they were being teased at school so they left. No, no child should ever have to do that."


The safety and well-being of all Greensville County Public Schools students is our highest priority. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated in our schools or on our school buses. The behaviors demonstrated in this incident are disturbing, and are being addressed promptly according to the Student Code of Conduct and school division policy. We share the concerns of our community about this situation and will be exploring more ways to clearly communicate to our students and families how to prevent this kind of incident from occurring in the future.

Conner said the school bus is comprised of students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. She claims the older students, who go to a different school but ride the same bus, were responsible for the video.

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