Police search for suspicious person targeting homes

Police search for suspicious person targeting homes
Police are searching for a suspicious person.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Fredericksburg police are looking for a suspicious person they believe is targeting homes throughout the city.

Police said the person is described as a white man, who is well-dressed, clean-cut, well-spoken, wearing dark-framed glasses, and has a "USMC" tattoo on his left forearm. He could be in his late 20s or in his 30s, police said.

Officers said he is knocking on doors and asking homeowners for money due to his car being towed. Since Friday, April 13, police have received six reports about this man, and some have given him money ranging from $25 to $40.

Police said he has been telling his victims different stories about where he lives and where his car was towed.

"However, he is consistently using the story that he needs the money to get his vehicle out of tow," police said.

Officers said he has been targeting homes on the following streets: Princess Anne Street, Charlotte Street, Hanover Street, Marye Street, Buckner Street, and Ramble Drive.

Anyone with any information on the man's identification is asked to call police at 540-373-3122.

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