Cell phone battery life affected by setting choices, weak signals

Turn down the brightness and turn off the notifications to extend a phone's battery life....
Turn down the brightness and turn off the notifications to extend a phone's battery life. (Source: Pixabay)
Published: May. 1, 2018 at 4:30 AM EDT|Updated: May. 1, 2018 at 7:16 AM EDT
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(WWBT) - Smartphones have changed the way people live and accomplish simple tasks, but they're limited by how long the battery lasts.

One of the biggest battery drainers is screen brightness.

If you're on your phone quite a bit, and you have the brightness set to "full," you're losing as much as three hours of battery life. Just turning it down to half brightness will save quite a bit of time between charges.

Another battery killer is poor reception.

As the phone searches for a better signal, the power in the battery gets drained. That goes for WiFi and Bluetooth reception as well.

Setting the phone to airplane mode when you know you're in an area with poor coverage will save the battery. That will also turn off receiving calls and texts, so be aware of that once you're back to where the reception is solid.

Using apps is another power zapper. They may be using power even when they're not active. In settings, turning off "background app refresh" will prevent the app from using your power when you're not using the app.

Finally, notifications suck the life out of a battery too.

Each notification "wakes" the display when the phone is locked, which erodes a little bit of power each time.

Turning those off - or going into airplane mode - when you go to sleep will keep the phone from losing its power while you're sleeping.

And speaking of sleeping, that's the perfect time to charge your device, so both it and you are refreshed and a full power ready to take on a new day.

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