Dinwiddie farm warns dog owners to properly manage pets following attack

Dinwiddie farm warns dog owners to properly manage pets following attack
A goat at Mardelian Farm

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - Owners of a Dinwiddie farm are warning dog owners to properly manage their pets after a pit bull was blamed for an attack on its livestock.

Mardelian Farm said most of its goats and one of its sheep were under attack. On March 31, the farm posted a message on Facebook saying the attack happened while the owners, Cindy and Dan Hall, were away, and they were in the process of setting up a new store.

"Most of our goats were killed or are mortally injured as well as one of our sheep. I assume without seeing it in person that the pit bull came back for an attack... We were not here and now my beautiful animals are gone. I am only thankful that I am so hurt that I can't feel the pain that I know is going on inside of me...... I will forever be changed," one of the owners wrote on Facebook.

The farm said, one of the goats, Caroline, is a mother and is currently fighting for her life.

"Of the injured, Caroline, one of our more famous faces, is among the worse." 

A team at Southside Regional Medical Center stepped in to help collect bandages, gauze, and medical tape to help the animals that are wounded.

The donations were delivered to Cindy Hall on Friday.

"Hopefully she is seeing just how much people in the community want to support and give her help. We're a family here at SRMC, and that's why this makes me feel so good," said Leslie Vanglis, RN for Southside Regional Medical Center.

"I am so amazed at people going out of their way for folks they do not know," Cindy told SRMC. "I will be paying things forward and will always know what a kind word does for others."

Mardelian Farm said it will put up an electric fence up to protect the animals and are looking for thick T posts for the fence.

"We are overwhelmed by the support of our local friends and those far away," the farm said on Facebook.

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