I-95 standoff suspect says he did not want to hurt anybody, except himself

I-95 standoff suspect says he did not want to hurt anybody, except himself
David Rios was charged after a standoff on I-95 in March.

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - The man responsible for the hours long stand off on I-95 in Richmond on March 21 has now been charged.

David Rios, 40, is facing charges of eluding police, resisting arrest, a marijuana charge and illegal possession of a firearm by a felon.

But Rios is speaking out for the first time and says he didn't want to harm anybody, except himself.

Rios says he's actually glad that first responders saved his life, and he says he's not even disputing the charges. However, he wants to share his story with the hope that others will learn from it.

He's now in a wheelchair and recovering at Henrico Jail East.

"The decision I made on this day, was by far my worst decision in life," said Rios. When asked if he wanted to hurt any officers or anybody on the highway, Rios answered, "No. I just wanted to be left alone, to my own devices."

His self-inflicted injuries are extensive. Rios says first he tried to overdose, then slit his wrists and then he tried to shoot himself in the heart, but missed.

But Rios told officers to not  help him.

"'Do not save my life,' and I thank them for not listening to me," he said.

It started when Rios says police wanted to search his car because they smelled marijuana. He is a convicted felon who served 15 years in prison and had an illegal firearm in his car - that's why he said he took off and became desperate.

"I was surrounded by people who love me, yet I felt so alone and I never truly addressed it," he said.

Rios says he has also been dealing with the murder of his former girlfriend. Katasha Johnson was killed in 2015. Rios was a person of interest, but never charged.

When asked if he knows who killed  her, he said "I have a very high inclination. I'll leave that for police to discern."

He said there is guilt.

"I carried the burden of not being there for her," said Rios. "Not protecting her like I told her I would."

He says he heard Johnson's voice after he blacked out.

"I clearly heard her say  four or five times, 'Go back!'" he said

He says he has a lot to make up for, especially when it comes to his current girlfriend, her daughter and his two biological daughters.

"I'm so sorry that I made a selfish decision to remove myself from your lives. I never intended to hurt y'all in any fashion at all," he said.

Rios says now he wants to share his story hoping it will save somebody else.

"My death and rebirth was March 22, 2018. The Lord gave me a purpose in life," he said.  "I will tell the world, He gave me a second chance."

Rios is due back in court in July.

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