NBC12 Viewpoint: March for Our Lives

Updated: Mar. 30, 2018 at 11:03 AM EDT
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By: Kym Grinnage - email

We should all be very proud of the young people in this country. We should also be proud that young people are very concerned about the welfare and well-being of millions of students who go to school every day in every community across this country.

On March 24, millions of students marched in Washington, Richmond and across this country to emphatically say that they want to be part of the discussion when it comes to gun violence and mental health in our schools and communities, and that they also want to also be part of the solution.

These students were not just interested in taking political positions, they want our full attention and they want it now. Why is this important to all of us? We can tend to be critical of millennials and Generation Z for being self-absorbed and uninvolved.

These young people made it clear that they will be heard and that they will use their voice and their vote to affect change.

I believe that Generation Z will inspire Generation X to use their power at the ballot box. The next series of elections in this country will help determine if young people truly understand the power of their vote. Currently millennials make up about 31 percent of the population, tied with Baby Boomers, both representing the largest segment of our voting bloc.

The good news is that the percentage of millennials who voted in 2016 is up from 2012, but only 49 percent of them said they voted.

Young people, know this, you have out attention!