RESTAURANT REPORT: food temperature violations

Published: Mar. 29, 2018 at 11:22 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 29, 2018 at 11:28 PM EDT
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MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - The Health Department reported finding food temperature violations and employees touching raw meat, then ready-to-eat foods, in two local restaurants.

We sat down with the owner of one of those restaurants - Mimmo's, at 8319 Bell Creek Road in Mechanicsville. Mario Contreras tells us everything is being done correctly in his restaurant. He said the inspector arrived after they had pulled food out to prepare to serve the lunch rush.

The last health inspection report for Mimmo's Restaurant shows six priority violations, nine priority foundation, and twelve core violations. Among them, the report says cooked hamburger, dressing, cheese, and pizza sauce were not being kept cold enough.

Contreras responded, "Because you pull them out. You've got to time it out. We do the timing ourselves because we only stay two hours."

The inspector also noted in the report that an employee handled raw steak with gloved hands, then used those same gloved hands to handle ready-to-eat food. The owner said the employee doesn't speak English and didn't understand the inspector.

Said Contreras, "I try to be right in the way I teach them to do it.  But in the moment she came in, she wanted to do it a different way."

The report shows those violations and thirteen others were corrected during the inspection.

When we asked Contreras if everything was fixed at this point, he responded, "Everything was fixed at that point. The only thing we were fixing was the sealing for the hand sink."

He tells us he personally checks the restaurant to make sure all equipment works properly.

"The owner of the restaurant has to take a look at it. You have to take responsibility.  Because you want to make sure, you don't want customers to get sick," said Contreras.

Texas Roadhouse at 2602 Conduit Road in Colonial Heights had three priority violations, two priority foundation, and three core on its last inspection. The report says the same tongs were used to touch raw meat, then ready-to-eat meat, three containers of chili had to be thrown out because they weren't cooled fast enough, and the clean plates rack was dirty.

A Texas Roadhouse managing partner sent us the following statement:

Texas Roadhouse is committed to food safety and sanitation being our highest priority and our restaurant has a history of exemplary health scores.  We did have some violations on our February inspection, but all violations were corrected immediately.

We gave the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award to Wendy's at 4507 Jefferson Davis Highway in Richmond.  While serving hundreds of customers a day, this restaurant has earned perfect scores on seven health inspections over the last three years.

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