'Listen to your children:' Mother calls NBC12 after son's alleged abuse at school

'Listen to your children:' Mother calls NBC12 after son's alleged abuse at school
Source: NBC12

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - A Chesterfield mother is frustrated and says she is fighting to keep her son with special needs protected. Keysha Worsham called 12 On Your Side, saying her son was sexually assaulted almost two weeks ago at school.

If you meet Keysha Worsham's 20-year-old son Christopher, you'll quickly learn that he loves collecting toy cars and belting his favorite gospel songs.

Lately, he hasn't been himself. Keysha Worsham says he's on edge and sometimes just seems down, after an alleged incident at school.

"You have to really be patient with him, more than normal, because he's hurting and he can't tell me," explained Keysha Worsham. "My son was assaulted physically and sexually at Meadowbrook High School."

Keysha Worsham says it happened almost two weeks ago. Her son was in a special needs program at the high school, and on the day of the incident, their regular aid had taken the afternoon off. She questions who should have been watching him closely during the time his aid was gone.

Keysha Worsham says she was told by administrators that her son was found in a bathroom with another student who also has special needs.

Keysha Worsham has driven buses for special needs students in the county for years, and she says the school told her about the incident almost two hours later, when she arrived at the school to begin her bus run for the afternoon.

"I didn't find out a lot of stuff until Friday evening, when the detective came to my house," she said. "The detective told me the other child's mother called the school and told them her son had admitted to doing other things to Christopher."

Chesterfield County Police were contacted by the school and say both students are adults and the police investigation continues. Keysha Worsham says she chose to not press charges against the other student, because in her eyes, he is not completely to blame.

"[The school has] the majority to blame. They were supposed to be watching both of them," Keysha Worsham explained. "Every day, Christoper is supposed to have an adult supervising him everywhere at all times."

Keysha Worsham is also frustrated because the official incident report and notice from the principal was given to her four days after the alleged assault happened.

NBC12 has not heard back from Chesterfield County Schools regarding the incident, but Keysha Worsham says she received a letter from Meadowbrook that confirms they contacted police and launched an investigation.

"They're brushing things up under the carpet. Things are happening in school, a lot of these kids are non-verbal, they can't tell you what's happened to them," she said.

They were granted an emergency Individualized Education Program meeting, where several steps were proposed by the school system, including adult assistance for her son, a safety and transition plan, and two hours of counseling every other week. Keysha Worsham says four hours of counseling a month is not adequate for the trauma her son has experienced.

Their next emergency IEP meeting is scheduled for later in the week.

Her son no longer attends Meadowbrook, and they are in the process of moving him to a new high school, hoping a fresh start will help him and their family move forward.

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