Teen given free cruise in exchange for SnapChat account

Teen given free cruise in exchange for SnapChat account
Darian Lipscomb in front of a billboard used to get his attention and his SnapChat account.

PROSPECT, VA (WWBT) - Carnival Cruise is a well-known brand, and as such a social media account with that name carries value for the company.

So, when a 15-year-old fan of sailing the high seas snatched up the account on SnapChat before the cruise line could, the company pulled out all the stops to get him to relinquish control.

Darian Lipscomb, of Prospect, has been on four cruises with the company, according to a Carnival press release, and he'll get a fifth one free on Carnival's newest ship, Horizon, in exchange for the social media handle.

The teen didn't know the company was after him, but when signs and billboards featuring Shaquille O'Neal, Carnival's "Chief Fun Officer," started popping up around his home town, it was hard to keep the secret.

Lipscomb agreed to turn over control of the account and will fly to Barcelona, Spain, for a ride on Horizon's first voyage, and his first European excursion.

He'll also receive some other gifts throughout the trip, which Carnival will chronicle on SnapChat, because now it can.

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