Garden experts: don't panic over this week's snow forecast

Garden experts: don't panic over this week's snow forecast
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Spring officially starts Tuesday, but this week's first alert weather day has many gardeners concerned about what to do with their plants.

Experts say most plants are dormant or sleeping at this point - with snow in the forecast, there's no need to do anything to crazy to protect your plants.

The weekends warm weather had many people ready to spring into action and work in their gardens.

Michael Likins of Chesterfield Extensions says the last snow shocked a few area plants, but here's the good news: there's no reason to panic.

"Snow is not bad," Likins said.

Likins says snow is a good thing, because it slowly releases water - there's no need to put your plants on a drip just yet.

"The top soil is plenty wet, and its gonna get a good soaking Wednesday," he said.

But Likins also said be smart. Plants that were nursed indoors should stay inside for now. If brought outside too soon, "they may survive, but they will not thrive," Likins said.

The plant expert said almost all advice will depend on the specific type of plant, but for the most part, putting tarps over plants to shield them from potential snow is a no-go.

"You don't want any covers to touch the blooms...Generally, we just tell people, let the plants fend for themselves."

The main message, Likins says, is to be patient and let nature take its course.

If you have any specific garden or plant related questions, Likins says you're welcome to reach out to your local extensions office for your spring planting needs.

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