Richmond Schools: Threat at Huguenot High was a hoax

Richmond Schools: Threat at Huguenot High was a hoax
Numerous police officers were on the scene at Huguenot High School on Monday.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Public Schools says that a threat at Huguenot High School on Monday was a hoax.

School officials said Tuesday that they "encourage parents to take this opportunity to talk with their children about the serious consequences associated with making prank threats."

Numerous police officers were at the school throughout the day Monday, which upset parents who said the school system was not communicating what was going on.

"I feel they shouldn't go through that," said parent Juan Rivera. "She comes to school to learn, not to be threatened or scared - she called us crying."

Other parents say they were notified by their terrified children, who were contacting them from inside of the school.

"She called me and told me, she told me, 'mommy, come and get me today, I don't want to die today,'" said Antoinette Brooks. "How would you feel if your child called and told you that?"

On Tuesday, school officials said they "understand the concerns from parents and assure them that we will always communicate with them as quickly as possible."

The Richmond Police Department gave the "all clear" at Huguenot High School on Monday afternoon after police found nothing.

"Our students and staff did an amazing job," Richmond Public Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras posted on Twitter.

RPS said Monday that the original call came in as a report of a someone being threatened with a weapon inside of Huguenot.

Parents who lined up outside the school were upset with the school system.

"Nobody told us nothing! That ought not be today, with the technological advances we have," said Artie Cofield. "I wouldn't have known anything - I was going to the UPS store, and I happened to see parents out here, and I happened to stop and say 'what's going on?' No text, no e-mail."

Families were outspoken, approaching Kamras, who came to the school and addressed families.

"Nothing has been found, the police have had the dogs come through and sniff - nothing's been found," said Kamras. "They didn't even find a gun, nothing."

Kamras explained that children were not able to leave the school until a sweep of each classroom had been completed. Parents were escorted near the side of the building to wait for the all clear, and an early dismissal, which took place just after 2 p.m.

"It's a serious lapse in communication, and it ought not be," said Cofield.

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