Former Animal Motel employee not surprised by raid

Former Animal Motel employee not surprised by raid
More charges could come once the investigation is complete.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - One day after a raid at a pet boarding facility, owners were reunited with their animals at Richmond Animal Care and Control.

Some pet owners think the facility was just in over its head, but one former employee wasn't surprised to hear Animal Motel was the target of a police investigation.

Jeanine Williams was one of the pet owners whose dog was boarded at Animal Motel during the raid. Her dog, Olive, is OK, but Williams was fearful when she heard about the raid.

"My mother-in-law called and said, 'is the place Olive is down on Lombardy?' and I said, 'Yes, why?' and she said, 'It's being raided by the police,'" Williams said.

Police say Animal Motel owner Joseph Myers neglected 20 dogs housed at the facility. Williams said she called to ask about Olive before picking her up.

"What's going on?" Williams said. "I trusted you. Where's my dog?"

Williams had dropped Olive off at the facility for training and said she gave them the benefit of the doubt even though the building looked in rough shape.

She was told by authorities that Olive and other dogs had been sleeping on cold concrete in an unheated building. The allegations surprised her because Olive was still in good condition.

But the raid did not surprise Kasheem Pack, who used to work at Animal Motel. He said his own dog was neglected and appeared malnourished a few weeks before the raid took place.

"We had some disagreements on a few things – on how to take care of the dogs, feeding them, having water," Pack said.

Pack said he left his job there over a pay dispute, but had boarded his pit bull mix with Animal Motel while he moved to New York City.

Two weeks before the raid, Pack picked up his dog, Lady, and was horrified to see how she had deteriorated.

"When I got her back, she was a bag of bones," Pack said. "It looked like my dog hadn't eaten in over a month."

Myers has not yet been charged, but the investigation continues by RACC.

As of Saturday night, 10 animals were still at RACC waiting to be reunited with their owners.

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