Hoda Kotb describes how 'I've Loved You Since Forever' came to be

Hoda Kotb describes how 'I've Loved You Since Forever' came to be

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - "Today" show host Hoda Kotb has a new children's book out, and we got the chance to ask her all about what inspired the beautiful children's story!

12News Today anchor Sarah Bloom talked to Hoda this week about "I've Loved you Since Forever" and the sweet story of adoption that connected her with her daughter, Haley.

Here's part of that interview. You can watch the full interview below.

Was this story always on your heart or did it take knowing Haley to write it?
It's all Haley. I don't think I ever would have written this book if it hadn't been for her. And I think it was one of those moments - like in your life, you feel like you get lots of blessings. I have great friends and a great family and a job I love, and I kind of thought like I had had all my things.

You know, when you start scribbling in your journal when you're having your private moments, and you dream about something you don't think you're allowed to have - and you decide that maybe I could - I could do this, and it's not too late. Maybe I haven't missed my window. I could kind of feel Haley.

I could feel her in my journal, and I kind of scribbled 'I've loved you for forever' because I have. I've loved her before I existed. And like I said, I know you're sleeping under the same moon and stars as me and one day we're going to find each other and then we did. The book just sort of came to be.

Was it hard to find the words for all those emotions? Or did the words all just come pouring out once you knew her?
It's sort of like you don't even know how much your heart can expand with a child, and I didn't know I was capable of any of these feelings or these emotions or any of it. It turns out that when you love something as much as I love Haley and I'm sure as much as anyone watching loves their child, like you feel things you haven't felt, you write things you haven't written for and it comes easy.

Is this just a book for families that have been blessed with adoption or is this for any parent?
I think it's for anybody because look- I've loved you since forever. Before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung on trees, there was you and there was me. I think that exists for everybody, whether or not you've adopted or had a child the old-fashioned way. I think it applies to all of us.

When you've felt what it feels like to be a parent, I think you'll feel this book. And I think it's kinda got a little sing-songy book for kids, too.

Check out the full interview with Hoda below, which includes a huge shout-out to Virginia:

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