Moms love new app that helps capture memories

Moms love new app that helps capture memories
The Qeepsake app can help parents capture more memories.

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you want to soak up all the moments with a baby or grandchild, there's a new tool to keep you baby books and memories up to date.

Moms say that the app - called Qeepsake - is a lifesaver and helps organize life's big moments for each child.

"I have two of them here - my twins - who are by the way 4.5 years old, and because they are my second and third child, and life gets really busy, you can see, I've basically put nothing in this book," said Christina Tinker, an RVA Parenting contributor with Richmond Moms Blog. "It's their birthday invitation - this was their baby picture. This is really special to me."

With this free-to-use app, all that work is virtual. It sends users one text message question a day to help you capture all of those things you never want to forget.

"So for example, I signed up all three of my kids," said Tinker. "Even though they're older - they're not babies - I'm getting one question a day. So yesterday, I got a question, 'What are Alexander's favorite subjects in school?' The day before that I got a question, 'How does Anastasia show you that she loves you?'"

You can use Qeepsake to make unprompted updates to your kids' memories as well - or pictures, certificates - anything you'd put in one of these baby books.

"I'm just in love with this app and I think it will make moms lives really easy and it's something that isn't going to be lost," said Tinker. "Because it's, you know, virtual as well."

If you're one of those people who just needs something to hold and flip through, you can print a book, too, using all the entries you've made.

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