Secret Samaritan: Elderly woman has new home after devastating fire

Updated: Feb. 16, 2018 at 9:40 PM EST
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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - An elderly woman's home burned to the ground, and because of her dementia, the insurance had lapsed. Tonight though, she has a new home - thanks to the Secret Samaritan.

Deltra Henley remembers it as the worst day of her life.

"At 7:15, my phone was ringing. My cousin was calling to tell me the house was on fire."

She was at work in south Richmond when that call came, and she rushed home.

"When I got to the top of the street, that was it," she said. "All I could see was flames, fire trucks and the ambulance."

It's the type of catastrophe you're never ready for. Henley grew up in that home. She lived there as a baby in 1968, she left as an adult - but returned to the home recently to care for her ailing mother, who suffers with dementia and uses a walker.

The structure, the furniture, even their clothes are all gone. The only thing Henley salvaged from the debris was a ring.

She admits there was a lapse in the payment of insurance. So now, there's nothing…or at least that was the case, until she contacted NBC12's Secret Samaritan, a local multi-millionaire who wishes to remain anonymous. He helps out people with one specific need, that could turn their life around.

Henley, her mother and the family dog were perfect candidates. They have new hope and a new roof over their heads, thanks to the Secret Samaritan.

Henley and her family moved into their new apartment this week. She's very thankful for the help.

"He helped us with the deposit and half of the first month's rent," said Henley.

The Secret Samaritan also organized a fund drive with a local church, so the family can furnish their new home.

"I don't know how to thank him," she said. "I feel so blessed. it was just wonderful."

If there's one thing that  could turn your life around, but you don't have the money - contact us with your story. Just go to the NBC12 News app and look for "Secret Samaritan."

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